Fighting HIV/AIDS and Poverty
Improving Education and Healthcare

Program Updates 2011

Mobile Clinics
211  Stations visited
9,903  Patients seen
53 Volunteers involved
2 local Clinical Officer
2 Doctors
Covered  western province and parts of  Rift Valley

MDP( Micro-enterprise Development)
44 groups visited, attended business seminars each group comprising approximately 15 members each
11 Volunteers involved with local translators
Covered western Province

Womens Health
33 stations visited
510 women trained
28 Volunteers involved
Covered Western Province

HIV /AIDS Awareness
30 Stations visited
3,400 people trained in schools and community
16 volunteers involved
Covered western Province

Empower  on HIV/AIDS
30 places visited
618 people trained
18 Volunteers involved with 4 local translators
Covered western Province

Nutrition programme
20 places visited
700 people trained
17 Volunteers from Cornel group
Covered western Province

Education – Epico Academy and St. Theresa’s Kabula
8 Student Teachers from Indiana University and other institutions
They served 405 children at Epico Academy and 690 Students at St. Theresa’s Kabula.